The road of creation

A descendent of an old well-known family from Sliven Mirella Asenova has looked for different ways of deriving knowledge and realization. She is a chemical engineer who has worked for years as manager at the Institute For Special Equipment in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Meanwhile, fascinated by Eastern philosophic teachings, she has been studying Japanese and practicing aikido and karate. This eventually led her to finger-drawing at subconscious level whereby she created oil paint drawings reflecting her rich spirituality and creative impulses.

Mirella’s works have become part of private collections in Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Canada and the USA.


The painter’s first independent exhibition “ The Rising Sun of Art” was presented on October 1st, 2010 in the Gallery for Non-traditional and Exotic Art “Stefka Boyadgieva” displaying 60 pieces of finger-drawing. Stefka Boyadgieva herself was impressed with Mirella’s skills calling her a “phenomenon” of her school.

In 2010 Mirella presented her works at the Discover Yourself Festival at the Earth and People museum where visitors were given a chance to attend a live finger-drawing process.

It was in her native town of Sliven where Mirella presented her next exhibition in August 2011 under the motto of A Waterfall of Emotions. The exhibition was warmly accepted by the public and was reflected by local cultural spheres.

Репортаж от БНТ - Картини рисувани с пръсти

In 2012, Mirella Asenova conducted an Out of the Heart finger-drawing course where she taught participants how to finger-draw their own unique emotions.

A third independent exhibition of Mirella’s works entitled Profusion will take place from 5 to 18 of January 2014 in the foyer of the Interpred center, 36 Dragan Tsankov street. It will demonstrate the unlimited capabilities of non-traditional painting. The exuberance encompasses topics and color choices that caress the eyes with amazing nuances and shades. The abundance streams out of every drawing ringing in her heart and soul. This is the message of the exhibition. Enjoy the profusion. Live in profusion. Become a source of exuberance. Let it be our congratulations on the coming 2014. Imagine a world where everyone is able to exchange their own profusion with that of others.