Finger painting at a subconscious level

Consciousness operates by the five senses: touch, smell, vision, hearing and taste. The least is the emotion, wherein lies the magic of the subconsciousness.

Prior to standing in front of the canvas I plunge into a meditative state of mind and there I haunt during the whole process of creation. The intuition leads me in picking up the colours for a picture. Paint is impasted by the tip of the fingers and gets mixed right on the canvas. In the meantime the embedded feelings, dreams and multiple emotions begin to deliniate in the forefront and the painting starts to take shape. At that moment consciousness and subconsciousness are connected - the subconscious feeling flows out into an image in my consciousness.

I feel my energy flowing out into the painting becoming a part of it. At the moment energy starts to flow forth from the painting itself. I get the feeling it is brought to an end – the interwoven feeling has already become a part of the painting, starting to develope Its own life.